ORAC-Energy® Protein & Greens bottle

ORAC-Energy® Protein & Greens

ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)  Energy® Protein & Greens is the next generation of superfoods. Just one serving contains 22 grams of protein, the antioxidant power of over 24 servings of fruits and vegetables and a total ORAC score of over 40,000.* It contains 100% natural non-GMO Kosher and Halal certified pea protein isolated without the use of chemical solvents and over 42 certified organic and pesticide free ingredients.

The essential amino acid profile of our pea protein is very close to that of the ideal protein. Other vegetarian sources such as rice or soy can lack in the percentage profile for certain essential amino acids. Our pea protein digestibility of nitrogen has been measured at 97.6%, and has a sustained release transit time of approximately 8 hours, which means it has excellent digestibility and keeps working. We have further enhanced this with the addition of the plant derived enzyme Aminogen®. Research shows Aminogen® to increase branched-chain amino acids by 250%, increase plasma amino acid levels over 100%,  increase glutamine levels by 90%, increase arginine levels by 80%, increase nitrogen retention by 32%, promote lean body mass, aid in muscle recovery,  and provide less gas, bloating and constipation.*

Label changes from 12,000 ORAC to 40,000 ORAC. Initially ORAC values were based on 1 oxide radical. But now with the new improved industry standard that can test total ORAC values (five oxide radicals), we updated our label to reflect that versus our previous label. Our formula has not changed, but the testing protocol has been upgraded and our product demonstrated over 40,000 total ORAC which is what is now reflected in our updated label. Of course our product is still Lab Certified by Brunswick Labs whom are experts in ORAC testing.

***Available in 454 gram bottle (15 servings)***
***Also available in 14 packets per box***
***Now available in a 12 chocolate protein bar box***

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ORAC-Energy® Protein & Greens

Supplemental Facts

  • Serving Size: 
     30.25 grams (approximately 2 level scoops)
  • Amount per Vcap
    % Daily Value
  • See below for sup facts details
  • Other Ingredients: 100% vegetarian. No fillers, binders or common allergens.
  • Suggested Use: Two level scoops daily, or as directed by a qualified healthcare professional. Tastes great mixed in apple juice or your favorite fruit smoothie.
  • Contains The Original Patented Greens Formula
    US Patent # 7,923,044 B2

    Calories 113
    Calories from Fat 6                                                    
    Total Fat 1 g       
    Saturated fat 0 g                                 
    Cholesterol 0 mg
    Sodium 31 mg
    Total Carbohydrates 3 g
    Fiber 1 g
    Sugars 2 g
    Protein 22 g

    Vitamin A 75% (100% as beta-carotene)  Vitamin C 58%  Calcium 2%  Iron 7%

    Pea Protein Isolate (non-GMO) ** 24 g *
    Aminogen® 250 mg *

    Organic Alkalizing Green Juice Powders 1560 mg *
      Organic Wheat grass (young leaf) ** 312 mg *                    
      Organic Egyptian Wheat grass (Triticum polonicum)** 312 mg *
      Organic Alfalfa grass (young leaf) ** 312 mg *                             
      Organic Barley grass (young leaf) ** 312 mg *                           
      Organic Oat grass (young leaf) ** 312 mg *  

    Organic and Pesticide Free Aqua Superfoods™ 1,125 mg *        
      Organic Spirulina ** 625 mg *
      Chlorella (pesticide free, high bioavailability) *** 500 mg *

    Organic Vegetables 830 mg *
      Organic Spinach (freeze-dried) ** 125 mg *
      Organic Broccoli sprout (freeze-dried) ** 125 mg *                             
      Organic Parsley (freeze-dried) ** 170 mg *
      Organic Kale (freeze-dried) ** (natural source of lutein) 125 mg *         
      Organic Tomato ** (natural source of lycopene) 285 mg *

    Nature’s C™ with Qpower™ 812 mg *
      Quercetin (Qpower) ***
      Acerola berry extract (17% food nutrient vit. C ) ***         
      Camu Camu berry extract ( 20% food nutrient vit. C ) ***      
      Amla berry extract (food nutrient vit. C ) ***                              
      Acai berry extract ***   
      GoJi/Lycium berry extract *** 

    Nutrim® Organic Oat Bran ** 500 mg *

    Immune-Beta Glucan Mushrooms (hot water extracts)  250 mg *
      Agaricus fruiting body ( (30% polysaccharides)  ***     50 mg *  
      Cordyceps CS-4 8:1 (7% cordyceptic acid) ****     50 mg *                  
      Maitake fruiting body (30% polysaccharides) *** 50 mg *      
      Reishi fruiting body (2.5% ergosterol 10% polys.) *** 50 mg *                  
      Shiitake fruiting body (10% polysaccharides) ***   50 mg *   

    Probiotic Blend (dairy free - 1.2 billion at time of mfg.)   250 mg *
    L. Acidophilus, L. Casei Rhamnosus, B. Longum, S. Thermophilus, L. Plantarum, Prebiotics- Oat beta-glucan fiber, Beet fiber, Inulin FOS (Chicory)

    Organic Berry Blend 125 mg *
    Organic Strawberry (freeze-dried) ** 
    Organic Raspberry (freeze-dried) ** 
    Organic Blueberry (freeze-dried ) ** 
    Organic Tart Cherry (freeze-dried) ** 
    Organic Pomegranate (freeze-dried) **
    Organic Cranberry (freeze-dried) **

    Super Antioxidants  125 mg *                                                 
      Organic Green & White Tea (45% polyphenols) ** 62.5 mg *                       
      Grape seed extract (95% opc’s) **** 62.5 mg *

    Organic Berry Blend 125 mg *
      Organic Strawberry (freeze-dried) **         
      Organic Raspberry (freeze-dried) **                                           
      Organic Blueberry (freeze-dried ) **                                              
      Organic Tart Cherry (freeze-dried) **       
      Organic Pomegranate (freeze-dried) **
      Organic Cranberry (freeze-dried) ** 

    Liver Cleansing & Tonic Support 125 mg *
      Milk Thistle seed extract (80% silymarin) ***  62.5 mg *                        
      Artichoke leaf extract (15% chlorogenic acids) ***  62.5 mg *

    Imperial Adaptogen™ 125 mg *   
      Eleuthero root bark 50:1 (0.8% eleutherosides B & E) ***                 
      Rhodiola root 10:1 (3% rosavins) ***
      Jiaogulan/Gynostemma aerial part (30% gypenosides) ***       
      Reishi fruiting body (2.5% ergosterol 10% polysaccharides) ***       
      Holy Basil leaf (2.5 % ursolic acid) ***    
      Ashwagandha root (1.5% withanolides) ***
      Astragalus root (4% isoflavonoids) ***    
      Schisandra berry (9% schisandrins) ***    
      GoJi/Lycium berry (20% polysaccharides) ***       
      Cordyceps Cs-4 8:1 (7% cordyceptic acid) ***        
      American Ginseng (10% ginsenosides) ***
      Suma root extract   ***    
      Licorice root extract, (Glycyrrhizae Uralensis) ***
      Ginger rhizome extract  ***       
      Tangerine Peel  extract (Chen pi) ***

    Dual Action Energy Formula™  125 mg *
      Acai berry extract  ***  62.5 mg *                                                          
      Maca root extract  *** 62.5 mg *

    GingerZyme™   125 mg * 
      Ginger rhizome extract  ***
      Turmeric rhizome extract ***
      Cinnamon bark extract  ***

    Typical Amino Acid Profile Per Serving
    Alanine 940 mg
    Arginine 1949 mg
    Aspartic Acid 2576 mg
    Cystine 246 mg
    Glutamic Acid 3853 mg
    Glycine 941 mg
    Histidine 560 mg
    Isoleucine 1075 mg
    Leucine 1859 mg
    Lysine 1635 mg
    Methionine 224 mg
    Phenylalanie 1187 mg
    Proline 1008  mg
    Serine 1142 mg
    Threonine 896 mg
    Tryptophan 224 mg
    Tyrosine 851 mg
    Valine 1120 mg

    Other Ingedients: NONE

    +Percent D/V based on a 2,000 calorie diet
    *Daily Value not established.

     **Certified Organic   ***Ecologically  Wild Crafted and/or naturally grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides
     Plant actives are naturally occurring in their full spectrum form, they are never isolated, fractionized or added!
     AMINOGEN® U.S. Patent No. 5,387,422 is a Registered Trademark of Triarco Industries. 

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